Happy Friday!  Harlow and I saw the Boston Ballet perform the Nutcracker together last night.  We had such an incredible time, even though we sat in traffic due to a bad accident on the way into Boston and had to do a crazy shuffle of the Jones due to a late meeting that Andy had.  But we did it — really only because of the cool and calm of Rachael.  Thank you, Rachael!

IMG_0359 IMG_0351

So today is Day Four of 12 Days of ScanNCut!  I really could talk about so many things today–detail cutting, different materials, using ScanNCutCanvas–but I’m going to talk about the ability to cut items 12″x24″ in size.  

The ScanNCut and ScanNCut2 come with the standard 12″x12″ mat.  (Each machine and package contains different mats and number of mats, so be sure to check before you purchase!)  You can also purchase additional 12″x24″ sized mats in three levels of tackiness: low tack, middle tack, and standard tack.  Additionally, you can add 2 Fabric Support Sheets to cover the longer mat as well.  

New to the ScanNCut2 comes the ability to scan 12″x24″ mat as well as cut.  There are a few caveats, so let me explain:

  • You can cut using the 12″x24″ mat using any ScanNCut Machine.  There are some fun tricks to cutting even larger than this, and I’ll be sharing that with you early in the new year. 
  • The only machine able to also scan the 12″x24″ mat is the ScanNCut2 CM650W.  This machine is available for purchase from Brother Dealers. 

I shared a few other projects using the 12″x24″ mat here and here!  

I made this bow pattern as project for the 12″x24″ mat — it can be scanned in just like any paper pattern you may have!  But lucky for you, I have it right here for you to download as well. :) 


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.44.35 AM


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.45.09 AM


My original design was full of snowflakes in the loop portion of the bow.  In theory…and in my head….it was gorgeous.  It’s a lot of trial and error over here.  


I’m going to keep playing with it.  It might have been how stiff this material is or how large I made some of the snowflakes.  Oh well!  I removed all and some of the “snowflake lace” in the patterns above, so choose and download whichever you choose!


For this bow, I used a new-to-me material.  I don’t think it’s super new in general, but some of the colors might be.  My mom found it and sent it to me!  It’s called Kraft-Tex, and it is a fabricy-leatherlike-paper.  It’s weird. It’s awesome.  And it cuts beauuuutifully.  This is the first I’ve played with it, but of course when I saw how well it cut, my mind has begun going crazy with ideas!  It apparently can be softened to more of a leather feel, but I haven’t attempted that yet.  

My cut settings: blade, 7; pressure, 2; speed, 1. 

IMG_0376 IMG_0353

Happy Weekend!  I’ll be back over the weekend for days five and six!  




Today’s question for entry: what would you create using the 12″x24″ mat?  


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