It’s day 12, and we are talking about leather and wood. 

I remember the first time I put my ScanNCut Machine to the “can it cut it?” test with wood veneer and leather. 

I was skeptical.  


And then I cut a detailed silhouette from wood veneer less than 2 inches big, and I was forever a believer.  


And then I etched and cut leather like butter, and I was dreaming about all the projects and things I could create using leather and veneer!  

Right now, I’m working on some labels for our Christmas stockings, but I’m not 100% loving them or sold… they are still a work in progress!


You can see how I etch and cut leather here:

And my tips for cutting wood veneer here:


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What would you create cutting wood veneer or leather? 

Tomorrow I announce the winner! :)


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