I hope you all had an awesome weekend!  I’m back today with Day Seven of our 12 Days of ScanNCut!  You better believe I’m not finished with the gold foil.  #sorrynotsorry

But today I’ll be sharing the new Stamp Kit with you!  


Each stamp kit comes with the stamp silicone material and the stamp plate.  Design and cut your stamp, place it on the stamp plate, and reuse over and over!  I seriously love this new product, and I’ve definitely learned a few things and have some tips to share. 


  • Use the deep cut blade. 
  • Let up on the blade pressure, increase blade length.  The following are my preferred settings:
    • Depth: 6-7
    • Pressure: -2
    • Speed: 1
  • Designs with long cut lines are more difficult.  The hello stamp below was difficult to cut due to the long line from the h.  It’s possible, just takes patience and tweaking to get the settings right.  


I decided to use glue on my stamp design….to apply gold foil, of course. ;)  Simple place glue on your stamp, stamp into place and set foil on the glue.  You can use a bone folder (or the spatula from your ScanNCut works great!) or run it through a laminator.  I’ve become laminator obsessed (yes, in addition to foil obsessed), so of course I ran it through there!  

Just be sure to fill the envelope first before running it through the laminator, because it’ll seal the envelope for you.  

….not like I accidentally did that or anything….



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I love the way the stamp foils!  Next up: a robot stamp, of course. ;)

Today’s Comment Entry: What type of stamps would you create?


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