Happy Sunday!  The sun is shining beautifully this morning, and I’m about to walk to church with Jones.  I love being able to walk!  

Yesterday was Day Five of our Twelve Days of ScanNCut2!  I shared with you the new Universal Pen Holder that is now available and compatible with all ScanNCut models!  Today, I wanted to go a little further and share how I’m using the Universal Pen Holder….

to draw with glue!  And add gold foil of course.  I’ve really been trying to reign back my foil use for these 12 Days, and I’m shocked I held out until Day 6!  The remaining days might be chalk full of it: just warning you! ;)  I cannot stop! It’s fun and it fits the season.  

But really, I think gold foil fits any season.  Don’t you think? ;)

I digress.  Let’s dive in!


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m not an expert in the paper crafting world.  I’m not really an expert in anything, but I love learning and exploring.  When I saw how well the Universal Pen Holder drew with gel pens, I went on a hunt for a gel-glue pen!  I found these pens and went to work!

I decided to use the glue as a bond for these foil sheets.  You could also use these pens to have your ScanNCut Machine draw the glue down for intricate paper cuts.  If it were me, I would edit the file in ScanNCutCanvas to make a glue line just within the cut line.  As I’m writing this, I’m realizing that I need to try it!  So you can be expecting that…sometime.  

But back to all the gold and all the foil.  I tried a few different techniques, and I have some works-well and doesn’t-work-so-well ways of doing this.  

So first I wrote the word hello and scanned it in to my ScanNCut Machine to create the cut file.  


I used one of the built in envelope designs on the ScanNCut2 machine (I love all the new designs!) to cut a cute envelope and then wrote the word with the glue on the front.  


Tip: I find that increasing the drawing pressure helps when writing with gel pens! (or gel glue pens, in this case!)


Remove from the mat and place a sheet of foil on top.   Here is my favorite foil!  The rose gold is also super gorgeous!


Here is where I tried a few techniques:

  1. No heat, bone folder pressure


So the first test I used a bone folder to transfer the foil.  It worked okay.  I found that the glue was inconsistently dry, so it smeared in some places and didn’t stick in others.  Totally expected.  I think it would work fine with a smaller design.  

2.  Laminator (or iron) 


Super simple, after placing the foil, I ran my project through the laminator a few times.  VOILA! Consistent transfer on the entire design.

IMG_0477 IMG_0485

I also made some gift tags! 


Drew the pattern with pencil first for placement.  Love this Universal Pen Holder so much!!


Drew my design with the glue pen and placed foil. 


Ran it through the laminator.


Placed it back on the mat, did a background scan for placement, and cut out the tags. 


10 minute project and 6 cute little tags later!  #cantstopwontstop

Guys.  My mind is seriously racing with ideas! 


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