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Over three years ago, when I received a prototype ScanNCut Machine, I never thought cutting something this intricate from fabric would ever be possible.  I had no idea that three years later, I would be cutting leather and wood veneer — and intricate snowflakes from fabric!  

Part of the equation was simply learning how to push the ScanNCut Machine and perfecting our settings.  Another part of the equation are 3rd party products that have radically impacted the detail we are able to achieve!

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The above snowflake pattern was designed by my friend Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero.  She is one of those oh-I-develop-software-and-I-also-am-an-amazing-quilter-and-basically-am-amazing-at-everything people–and she has a heart of gold.  I remember during my very first year at the Houston International Quilt Market when I met Jeanie!  She was beyond excited about what the ScanNCut could do, but I’ll be honest: I didn’t think it could hold up to her dreams!  I was trying to be conservative about the blades and fabric fibers, but little did I know we had just scratched the surface of what this little machine can do!  Over the past three years, I have had more fun playing the “can it cut this?” game and learned so much!  Thank you for following along and letting me play. 

Jeanie and her husband have created a program called Kaleidoscope Kreator.  It is a program that allows you to make a kaleidoscope from any image!  You can get a free trial if you want to test the waters.  She has written a blog post about how to use Kaleidoscope Kreator to make intricate designs for the ScanNCut or ScanNCut2.  You can cut these from paper or fabric or whatever else you fancy.  She also has a free design of the month that you can download from  (I adore December’s design! I cannot wait to create something with it!)

So we’ve got the software piece, and we’ve learned how to make the ScanNCut and ScanNCut2 work the way we dream about.  The last piece of the puzzle is worthy of its name: Terial Magic.  I also met the Terial Magic crew at Quilt Market and truly this product is magic.  In a nutshell, it turns fabric into more of a paper consistency.  It holds the fibers together, removes the stretch (I cut jersey fabric on my ScanNCut2 now! More on that soon.), and the best part is that it just washes right out when you are done.  I know that I’ve only scratched the surface with what is possible with this product!  You can read more about this product here

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Amazing, right?  

Now do you need software or Terial Magic to cut fabric?  Nope!  You don’t even need any type of fusible appliqué or anything like that.  

You can read about quilting curves with the ScanNCut here or watch the 90 second tutorial:

I need to make some new videos with the things I’ve learned since I made these, but here are a few that will also help to get you started!

Whoa – my hair was so long!  Crazy.  If you have specific questions you’d like me to answer in my next fabric cutting videos, just let me know!  I’m hoping to film them at the start of the new year.  In the meantime, let’s get to today’s question for the giveaway!  If you are joining us for the first time today, you can enter to win your very own ScanNCut2!

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