I’m back for Day Two of 12 Days of ScanNCut2!  Y’all know I love you, and I love my ScanNCut, so it pretty perfectly fitting to be able to give one away!  Be sure to put it on your wishlist: you won’t regret it!

Yesterday I shared about the new Wireless Magic of the ScanNCut2.  Scan, save directly to ScanNCutCanvas, edit….and save right back to your ScanNCut2 Machine.

IMG_0231 IMG_0232 IMG_0233

The Wireless Magic is something I use daily, so you’ll see that feature finding it’s way in to many of the features I share throughout the 12 Days of ScanNCut!  Let’s get to Day Two though, shall we? 

Day Two: Trying Something New


My husband know the correct term, but you know the phenomenon where kids get a new toy for a birthday or Christmas?  Something they’ve been wanting for so long, yet when they actually have it in their hands, it doesn’t live up to expectation, and they are bored within a few minutes.  

I feel like those little robotic dogs are a good example of that.  No matter how they listen when you call them or bark on cue, they just aren’t the real deal, and that fact becomes obvious pretty quickly when it’s on the floor of a living room and not the commercial on television. 

Where am I going with this? ;) 

The minute I took my ScanNCut out of the box, I was already thinking of new projects I could create, materials I could cut and what I could do.  Instead of boxing me in, it opened this box of things I wanted to try!  One of those new-to-me things is appliqué and embroidery.  


I got this super cute appliqué and some of his forest friends from Urban Threads.  I also love designs from iBroidery (think all Disney!) and KatieLDesigns on etsy.  One of these days, I’d love to learn how to digitize some of the designs I’m not seeing out there — but I want! — but until then, I’ll keep relying on these awesome places for cute designs!

You can see how the ScanNCut works with applique here and here in a bit more detail, but I’ll explain it quickly again in the photos and video below. 


After downloading the design, I create the appliqué cut file using my BES Lettering3 software.  If you don’t have software, that’s fine!  Many patterns come with a drawn pattern as well.  Simple print and scan or import into ScanNCutCanvas!  

For this piece, I used quilting cotton with Thermoweb Heat’n’Bond Lite as the fusible adhesive.  I can’t wait to share more of my cutting techniques with you in the new year with my Cutting Material Dictionary I’m working on for you!  I love being able to cut only through the fabric and fusible, keeping the paper backing completely intact.  It makes the clean up super simple, and prolongs your mat life as well!  Win win!

IMG_0240 IMG_0252

You’ll follow the steps indicated on your embroidery machine.  After the appliqué outline has been stitched, it’s as easy as placing your fabric into position and moving on to the next step of the design.  

IMG_0253 IMG_0258 IMG_0261


Thank you for joining me today!  2 days down, 10 more to go!  Remember you can share these series daily on your social media streams for additional forms of entry!  Also, a new entry has been added for commenting today — I want to hear what you would try new with your ScanNCut2!

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