How to make felt flowers - a step by step tutorial DIY with video!


Good morning!  I definitely feel a bit like I’m learning how to ride a bicycle again when it comes to carving out moments to write in this space.  I have a slew of photographs ready go, along with video tutorials to share.  It’s that riding a bike and working out bugs with the new site design and a combination of time …and the fact that my body requires me to at least pretend to sleep.  <– wish that wasn’t the case! But I’m working on that whole choosing-to-rest piece as well.

I digress, as I always tend to do.

I’m excited to share the first of the felt flower tutorials I’ve been creating!  I got totally hooked on making felt flowers last year when Harlow asked to have a garden party to celebrating turning five.  I spent late nights and early mornings crafting a felt crown, various bouquets to display and little flower barrettes for each of the girls attending.

Hooked, I tell you.  Absolutely hooked.

How to make felt flowers - a step by step tutorial DIY with video!

I was a bit underwhelmed with what I could find as far as tutorials go on this here world wide web of ours, so I thought I’d push myself to improve the flowers I have been making along with teaching myself how to make new varieties, all so I can share these tutorials with you!!

I’d LOVE to hear what you think as well as what flowers you’d love to see me create next.  Leave a comment with some of your favorite flowers, so I can add them to my list! I am hoping to publish a daffodil, 3 more daisy variations and an anemone in the next few weeks.  Dahlia and Gerbera daisy will be following after that.  I should have (now that I’m realizing Easter is this Sunday) done an Easter Lily…because you know, that would have been smart.  But c’est la vie.  I did not. Goals for next year, right?

First off, supplies!  These are just a few of my favorite things when it comes to felt flower making:


This first flower isn’t as much of an actual flower, but more of a good foundation for how these flowers are made.  I hope you enjoy!

(To watch the video, click here!)


To watch other video tutorials, check out the WATCH section!  You can find it here.  Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to know when I publish new videos!

Happy Tuesday! The sun is shining here, and we couldn’t be happier.




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