Gus the narwhal || Coconut Robot quilt

Gus the narwhal || Coconut Robot quilt


Yup. I’ve joined the narwhal craze.  I can’t get enough of these unicorns of the sea, and this quilt is no exception. Recently, I’ve been designing so many quilts with solids — it’s like bringing the color blocking trend to quilts.

This quilt is similar to Kaden’s in that it’s made up of blocks to create the narwhal design.  I still use graph paper to begin my sketches, and it’s so neat to see the curves and pieces come to life as I sew.  I wanted this quilt to look loved and worn right from the get-go, and I think that look was accomplished in the end!

Gus’s eye and horn —what is that thing called? — are both sewn on after the top has been pieced, and sandwich quilted.  I wanted them to stand out.  I love the way the horn shows a bit of dimension by not having any quilting seams going through it.

If I had to pick a second favorite part of the quilt — the first being that narwhal horn — it would be the tail.  I love the way that the curves came out.

I’ll get a better shot of the back, but I kept it pretty simple using shades of yellow — the same as his horn and then a bit brighter — and some leftover blues.   I machine finished my binding, and I love how it turned out.  Sometimes I prefer finishing the binding by hand, but I also love the durability of binding with all machine stitches too.  Oh, decisions. 


And yes, pattern will be coming soon-ish.  I need to warm my cold feet and just get these out there — I put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to patterns and things like that. I’m always nervous that what makes sense for me will totally lose everyone else, so ack.  stay on me, k?

Happy Narwhal Thursday!  that should be a thing.


adventures of lowlo

adventures of lowlo


Just had to share a little vintage Harlow on the blog — and a throw back to the warmer days of fall.


A few things that I think about when seeing these photos:

  1. Rachel is ridiculous.
  2. Can you believe how quickly Harlow’s hair has grown!?
  3. I need to make LowLo some new outfits — maybe a sweater to match some of Harlow’s winter wear?
  4. I have so many photos I’m sorting through in 2013 that I never got around to sharing.  Ugh. 

I might be throwing in a few “Memories of 2013” as I work on creating a yearbook of our last year — one of my goals for 2014.  Wish me luck!

I also have a very overwhelmed brain at the thought of a few things I’m going to sharing and posting soon…

  1. Patterns. Patterns and more patterns!  Knitting patterns and quilt patterns.
  2. Leather accessories for those patterns…more on that soon. ;)
  3. More tutorials!  Both sewing and knitting.
  4. A few new gluten free recipes that I’m loving.

I must like the number four today.  Oh well.

All and all, I’m really pumped to finally get these knitting patterns listed for y’all.  My heart is in the creation of new patterns and designs, and then I love seeing you create!  I will continue naming patterns after the people they are created for — so custom listings will be put back as well!

Okay.  I think that is enough that I am holding myself to for one day.

Off to fold some laundry dance to Frozen with my homegirl.  It’s so good to be home!

And now, a sweet little Harlow and her LowLo!

img-83-(1) img-78 img-80-(1) img-75 img-73 img-74-(1) img-70-(1) img-57 img-64-(1) img-63-(2) img-61-(1) img-58-(2) img-59-(1)

a quilt for Kaden // Coconut Robot Quilt

a quilt for Kaden // Coconut Robot Quilt


A nursery full of elephants and the colors grey and yellow.

When Diana told me her plan for Kaden’s nursery, I immediately began thinking about what I wanted to send for him.

I don’t have the right words to say this morning.  I am writing through tears even now.  When Kaden went to be with the Lord, I debated whether or not I should finish his quilt.  I was angry that he was gone — I still am.  I had prayed for Kaden the entire time Diana was pregnant — I was so excited to hold him and kiss his cheeks, but now I wouldn’t have the chance to do that.

Andy and friends encouraged me to finish this quilt for Diana, Sam, Bella, and Kaden — and Preston and Julian too.  It helped me process.  It gave me time to pray.  As I designed and created it, I often found myself crying silently, begging God to let us all wake up from this terrible dream.

But it wasn’t a dream.  Kaden is with his Heavenly Father, and we are here, ready to meet him when the time is right.  This quilt pattern will be made available, and a large portion of the profits will go to Kaden’s family.  I want Kaden’s quilt to continue giving on — to HHV-6 research, to other families grieving.

This quilt will be available with all the letters of the alphabet as the elephant’s ear — you can buy separately or all 26 varieties in one.  I’m working hard to get this pattern {and the knitting patterns!} made available to you all — if any of you specialize in doing this … please contact me!  I want to get these out to you all as soon as possible.


In all of my patterns and designs, I want to empower you to make and create.  To love someone who needs a little extra love that day.  To teach someone a new skill, so that they can continue sharing it with others.  I couldn’t and can’t go back in time and change what happened — as desperately as I want to.

I can’t dwell in the past or lose myself in the future, but I can choose to create and give and love on others in this way right now.



Harlow London style // leather & zipper dress

Harlow London style // leather & zipper dress


Sometimes I’m terrible at blogging in a timely fashion.  Whoops. 

I had such a fun time sewing dresses for Harlow this summer, and this leather-zipper dress is no exception.  I love how the pleats in the back look, and well the leather and zipper?  I’m hooked.

These photos are obviously a little bit old–I think it’s 30° this morning… womp womp–but I love how they turned out.  I was playing with my new 7D and trying to figure out all the settings.  Oh, that’s right — I’m still trying to figure out all the settings!  Ack!  These photos were from a fun birthday party we attended!


I love seeing Harlow’s personality reveal itself more and more.  At this party, I saw so much of myself in her — she would often go off by herself when she was overwhelmed with the number of people around.  She would play quietly, even wait for toys to become available, and then when she was ready, she’d head back into the group of crazy-awesome kiddos.

Goodness I love her.  And that baby daddy of mine.  swoon.




the pink fox & our accidental candy tradition

the pink fox & our accidental candy tradition


Sandwiched by beautiful, fall evenings, our October 31st left much to be desired, weather-wise.  blech.  We made the most of it and ventured out with our neighbors.


Andy and Harlow were both feeling pretty crummy that day, so I left them home snuggling and watching …can you guess?  The Music Man, of course.  I left them home because I needed to make a quick run to JoAnn Fabrics for costume supplies.

Yes. I know — it was definitely a procrastination situation.  Harlow and I had decided a while ago that she would be a pink fox this year, but of course I decided the day of was the day to put it all together!  After some CTG, I found this little mask outline that worked perfectly as my base — I then drew the additional smaller pieces I needed.  I also used 4 layers — front soft felt, fleece, stiff felt, and another soft layer against her face.  I wanted it to be comfortable, but not flimsy.

For the tail, I had about 45 minutes before it was time for us to turn into drowned rats, so I free cut a quick tail from 1 piece of felt.  I cut it corner to corner, so I could make it as big as possible.  Then I added some leftover, white felt to the end.  Sew, sew, stuff, and sew onto an elastic band … we were out the door!  Well, not before she yelled at the buses going by, of course.

{And her sweater was knit by my über talented mama — isn’t it gorgeous!?}


I had plans of making LowLo a matching outfit, but… yup. That didn’t happen.

But what did happen was the accidental tradition that we stumbled upon last Halloween.  When we returned home last year, Harlow had no idea what was inside the shiny candy wrappers, she was just enamored with them.  I dumped them into a bowl, and we turned around and handed the candy right back out again.  She had more fun “twick or tweating” back to everyone than she did going door to door–and, I must add, our trick-or-treating guests got a kick out of the “baby handing out candy!” at our door.

This year we did the same!  She didn’t ask or show interest in eating any, so the tradition continued.  Y’all.  She was hysterical.  Well, at least I thought she was.  I’m totally about to be a “my kid is so funny and awesome!” mom right now, so quit reading if you need to.  (Believe me, I could fill up many pages about Harlow’s tantrums and meltdowns and my mishaps and mistakes — believe me.)  Not only did she say “twick or tweat!” as kids came up to our door, but she would think about which candy to give each guest.  And then she quickly thanked them.  Most of them weren’t quite sure what to say, since she was doing everything they were “supposed” to be doing–the trick-or-treating and saying thank you.  Due to the weather, we didn’t have a ton of visitors, so when we found ourselves sitting and waiting, she would start yelling, “where the people!?!?” over and over again.  A few times she yelled “trick or treat” at a few strangers passing by who weren’t stopping for candy…I mean, how dare they!?

All in all, we had a short, but fun evening.  Harlow was the cutest pink fox I ever did see, and I am loving our tradition of handing the candy we received back out at the end of the night.  I know as she gets older, we probably won’t be handing out all the candy we picked up prior, but putting smiles on kids’ faces as they come to our door has been an awesome way to end the night.



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