the sister magic

the sister magic

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The request to wear her sister always seemed to come at the worst time: Lucia was hungry, tired or the house was just chaotic. I’d said no and not right now and maybe tomorrow too many times to count, so I prepared her:

“It might be quick. She’s pretty hungry and tired.”


As I helped Harlow wrap her, Lucia was fussy and squirmy.  I was nervous that Harlow would get overwhelmed by it all.  After only a few minutes, I told her I should probably just take her out to feed her and calm her down.

“No mommy. I can do this.”

And with that, she walked away, bouncing gently, patting Lucia’s back with one hand as she held her pacifier with the other. She sang in her ear and whispered,

“I’m right here, Lucia.  I’m right here! It’s okay.  It’s okay.”

Within seconds, Lucia had calmed. And within minutes, she was asleep.

That sister magic is real.

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Things have changed a little bit around here!  We welcomed Lucia Jane into the world a few weeks ago, and our lives are so much sweeter.  Her labor and delivery was all her own — I hope to share it with you soon.  I’ve been sharing so much of what I would have been blogging over on instagram, if you care to follow along.

I’d been waiting for the right way to jump back in.  Do I apologize for taking such a break? Do I just pretend like I didn’t?  So here I am, acknowledging the needed break and moving on.  I’m ready to give this space a much needed makeover.  I’m anxious to share what we’ve been up to.  I’ve miss you all.

Thanks for sticking around and being patient with me.


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